After getting permission from Nick, a boy with few words but 
extremely talented, I am very glad to upload one of his creativity.  
Hope I can upload his amazing novel too. 

A poem written by Nickchiko C.
( Al-Azhar BSD Senior High School grade 10 )

''Unrequited Love''

When time passed by
My soul grows weaker,
As I tried to convey my feelings
But no courage mustered
In the end, i hid my feeling behind a paper
Especially hidden, inside the gift I gave
The paper has our younger self depicted in it
Happily spending our time together
Until the time you notice the peculiarity on me
I will be glad to tell you all about it


  1. Ah, Nick! What has seemed as something peculiar of you might be considered as your 'nature'. As such, further explanation might not work since the one you share the love in that undisclosed way will probably find it as definitely of your beauty :)


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